Door County Folk Festival
Cecelia Wilkinson
Marquette, MI)
(Dance Instructor)

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Cecelia Wilkinson, a.k.a., “C.” started dancing at age 9 with the usual dance classes (ballet, jazz, tap, and modern). She was a member of her high school dance club. She choreographed, as well as was lead dancer for the school production of “Finnian’s Rainbow”. After high school she majored in dance and received a B.A. degree from Butler University in 1971. She worked in activities therapy until moving to Bloomington, Ind. While her husband worked on his Ph.D. and M.D. While there, she studied, performed , and taught belly dance as a member of “Bal-Sara”. She later moved to Omaha, Nebraska, and became a member of “Tanzenlust”, a local jazz dance company. With a move to Marquette, Michigan, she then joined NMU International Folk Dance Group (1995 – present). In 2014 she became an adjunct instructor of dance. She has taught everything from ballet, jazz dance, Dance Company, survey of dance for P.E. majors to Middle Eastern dance until 2015. She has taught at Door County Folk Festival (2007) and Blueberry Festival ( Marquette , Michigan 2012 ). Currently, she is one of the lead dancers for NMU International Folk Group and leads many of the dances for the social folk dances. She also teaches a Middle Eastern dance group through “The Dance Zone”, home of NMU International Folk Dance Group. She has gone to Armenian four times, to study classical and village style folk dances, and culture (2005, 2006, 2007, and 2011). This spring (2017), will be her fifth trip to Turkey to study the culture and dances.