Door County Folk Festival
Theresa Utschig
(Milwaukee, WI)
(Dance Instructor/Leader, Work Scholar, Virtual Dance Room Team)

Theresa Utschig
loves to dance! Her parents danced ballroom, and she grew up with the jitterbug, waltz, and foxtrot. She took ballet lessons as a child, and then discovered the world of line dancing in Girl Scouts. As a teenager, she and her friends danced anywhere they could find to dance—50s dancing, folk dancing at the local festivals, ballroom dancing at the YMCA. Through her mom, she found a home in the local folk dance community. Eventually she joined the Romanian performing group in Milwaukee.

Throughout her travelling years, she learned Chantraine Dance of Expression, as well as other forms of dance from the people she encountered in the international community of Taizé, France. She continued to dance with the Tuesday Night Folk Dancers in Milwaukee, where she eventually learned the skills necessary for teaching dances. During the pandemic she taught online in the Virtual Dance Room (Paul Collins), as well as in Dit’s Wednesday night group. She currently dances in Milwaukee wherever Izvor is playing, as well as with the Racine ‘al fresco’ dancers.

Theresa Utschig is a musician, artist, spiritual director, campus minister, and gardener. See for more of her inspirational words and art.