Door County Folk Festival
Karen Tutkowski
Milwaukee, WI)
(Planner, Announcer, Dance Review Coordinator, Archivist, Virtual Dance Room Team)


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Karen Tutkowski has traversed 60+ countries and has been photographed attempting to dance with the locals in Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Mongolia, China, and Uzbekistam with varying (and blackmailable) degrees of success..

For 30+ years she has also been folk dancing with the Milwaukee International Dance recreational group, where she is an instructor and announcer, as well as a leader of the advanced group. She also dances/co-teaches Israeli dancing at the JCC., spent 20+ years performing with the Viata Romaneasca Romanian group and is currently still performing with the Na Lesa Bulgarian dance group in Milwaukee.

Despite this venerable dance background, Karen is famous for losing partners in any dance, including the Gie Gordons. Her U-Sest limit is one per night and her personal mission is to find and keep a partner throughout an entire dance, including couples’ dances.

She is a retired high school English teacher, so she now has the time necessary to devote to this quest. Or maybe not. Karen is part of the Virtual Dance Team and is also working on improving the state of the DCFF Archives on the website. This project includes a downloadable index to dances taught at the Festival throughout its 40+ years.