Door County Folk Festival
Lisa Scott-Ptacek
(Racine, WI)
(Dance Instructor)

Lisa Scott-Ptacek
is a charter member of the Racine International Folk Dancers, which started in the basement of the UU Church circa 1970 (our collective memories are a little fuzzy on the exact date). She remembers the day founder of the Racine FD group, Betty Brenneman, announced in church that she would teach folk dancing downstairs after the service to whomever was interested. Lisa and her mother Fran (who is still dancing at age 101 ½!) made a beeline to the basement, and have been hooked ever since. Lisa and her two sisters Andrea and Maria grew up dancing in the loving, joyful, family atmosphere of the Racine International Folk Dancers.

Lisa actively seeks to spread the joy of folk dancing through teaching at any opportunity. Darice Griffin encouraged Lisa, at age 14, to join her in offering an after-school FD program at the Jr. High School where Darice taught and Lisa was a student. This began a lifelong friendship and teaching partnership. Lisa has taught folk dancing as semester high school gym classes, at community events, and is part of the teaching team for the Racine International Folk Dancers.

The Covid shut-down inspired Lisa to begin an outdoor dance group, gathering Milwaukee and Racine dancers (along with an occasional brave soul from Chicago) dubbed the Al Fresco Dancers.

Even though our Racine group is back to dancing indoors, the Al Fresco Dancers devotees continue to meet weekly - year-round - to dance embraced by the beauty of nature.