Door County Folk Festival
Phil Moss
Wilmette, IL)
(Dance Instructor)

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Phil Moss became an active Israeli dancer during his college years and started teaching as a summer staff member of the Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute (OSRUI) in Oconomowoc, WI.  Known locally, nationally and internationally, Phil has been leading Israeli Dancing in Chicago since 1974.  For most of that time his weekly Thursday night group met at Northwestern University. More recently it is at Temple Judea Mizpah in Skokie Illinois.

In addition to being an excellent teacher, Phil has led/participated in numerous workshops, camps and performing groups including the Camp Blue Star Fred Berk Israeli Folk Dance Workshop, the Nitzanim Israeli Folk Dance Troupe, Blue Star Reunion Workshops, and the world-famous Chagigah, A Weekend of Israeli Dance, that was held for 20 years at OSRUI, and now his newest Israeli dance camp, Machol Merkaz.  

Phil is a tireless promoter of Israeli dancing, having brought the joy of this form to literally generations of kids, teens, parents and seniors.  He is active on a national and international level in the leadership of Israeli Dancing from an organizational and promotional perspective.  Phil is very pleased to be teaching with his colleague from Thursday nights, and DCFF staff mainstay, Penny Brichta.  Phil truly can be viewed as a charter member of the who's who in Israeli dancing.  We are very excited to have him with us to share his love of Israeli dancing.