Door County Folk Festival
Izvor Orchestra
(Milwaukee, WI)
(Ethnic Dance Orchestra)


Izvor Orchestra

The "Izvor" Orchestra (tranlsation = fountain, source, spring, well) was formed in 1981.

The "Izvor" orchestra has been one of the leading folk bands in the Milwaukee area for years with their wide range of tunes and varied sounds. They specialize in music from the Balkans, and have performed at numerous festivals throughout the Midwest and have performed at a Romanian festival in Regina Saskatchewan Canada.

Izvor was the featured band for 15 years at the Milwaukee Holiday folk Fair and still hosts an after party Saturday nights of the Folk Fair in late November.

Besides playing for International Folk Dance (IFD) events Izvor has performed for weddings and a multitude of commercial conventions in Milwaukee.

Kenn Werner, Steve Petrovich, and Fred Melk are the 3 founding members. Today accordionist’s Nick Mladenovich and Vlade Rokvic join Izvor along with Harley Schoville on Drums.

Many of Milwaukee’s leading accordionists have been guests with Izvor including Mujo Aliev, Tom Knack, Nick Bratkovich, Pero Momich, Ljupce Rankovic, Milan Kontich, and Ljubo Tanaskovic.

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Izvor Members for 2019 DCFF

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Fred Melk (Leader - Clarinet / Frula / Saxophone)

  • Fred Melk Started playing Bulgarian music for Na Lesa Bulgarian Folk Ensemble. Formed Izvor in 1981 to perform Balkan style folk music. Since 1978 Fred had the opportunity to perform with all the Serbian accordionists in the Milwaukee are. Director of music for Na Lesa Bulgarian Folk Ensemble between 1980 and 1994. Fred’s favorite music to play are the exciting rhythms from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece.
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Steve Petrovich (Bugarija, Vocals)

  • Steve Petrovich is a former member, director, choreographer of Sumadija Serbian Dance Ensemble, a former member, director, choreographer of St Sava Junior Dancers, an original and continuing member of Izvor Orchestra, a founding member of Prazna Flasa tambura orchestra, and a member of Orkestar Sloboda. Steve was also a past member of Orchestra Balkan.
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Kenn Werner (Bass Guitar / Stand-up Bass)

  • Kenn Werner grew up in the Milwaukee Croatian community playing tamburitza. He is a graduate of the Duquesne University Tamburitzans. He is a dancer, musician and director of Na Lesa Bulgarian Folk Ensemble. Kenn is also a founder and bassist for Izvor orchestra and a long-time choreographer for the Milwaukee Croatian Tamburitzans Junior Group.
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Vlade Rokvic (Accordion)

  • Vlade Rokvic began studying accordion as a teenager with a tutor in Serbia. He then played and performed in Serbia for more that forty years. He is a former member, dancer and musician of the KUD Milorad Pantic Serbian Dance Ensemble of Beograd – Ostruznica, Serbia. In the United States Vlade is a member of Prazna Flaša Tambura Group (Milwaukee) and Izvor Orchestra (Milwaukee) and has occasionally played with Orkestar Skadarlija (Chicago).
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Nick Mladenovic (Accordion)

  • Nick Mladenovic has been one of most prolific accordionists in Milwaukee’s music scene for many years. He has played for ethnic events as well as international folk dance events, and has played for performing ensembles in the Milwaukee Holiday Folk Fair including, Oplenac (Serbian), Na Lesa (Bulgarian), Viata Romaneasca (Romanian) and Kalaniot (Israeli). Nick has also played in a number of Milwaukee’s ethnic orchestras including Izvor, Orchestra Balkan, Selo, Avala, Belgrade Orchestra and others.
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Brian Melk (Bass Guitar / Stand-up Bass)

  • Brian Melk started playing bass at the age of 10 years old. He has a degree in music fro the University of Wisconsin and a Masters degree from Northwestern University. Brian performs with the Madison Symphony and performed with the Milwaukee Symphony under John Williams for his only appearance in Milwaukee. He also is the bass professor at Carthage College. Brian fell in love with bass at a young age listening to his dad's band rehearsing at the age of 4.