Door County Folk Festival
Youth/Kids' Activities

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For over 30 years, the Door County Folk Festival (DCFF) has provided free activities for youth and kids of all ages – including parents and grandparents!

  • Initially the main beneficiaries of the youth/kids’ activities program were DCFF participants who wanted some activities for their children while they participated in Festival workshops.
  • Soon, many vacationers, residents, and even Northern Door YMCA Day campers began to participate in these wholesome and fun events.
  • This year the program will include favorites such as singing traditional youth/kid’s folk songs, creating puppets, painting rocks, as well as some easily accessible international folk dances and creative games.

The 2019 program coordinators are Miriam and Dick Miller (Middleton, WI), and will also include teachers Patti Cohen (Winnipeg, MB Canada) and Sanna Longden (Evanston, IL)

Registration is not required - However, if you are planning to participate, please email the following information to:

  • Attending Day(s) / Time(s):   Thursday 10:30am and/or Friday 1:30pm and/or Saturday 1:30pm
  • Participant Name(s) & Age(s)
  • Parent Name(s) & Contact Info
Click here to view/download the Youth/Kids' Activities Document
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Youth/Kids' Activities Schedule
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Day Where Start End Event Who
Th BHP 1:30pm 2:30pm Dancing in the Park: Easily accessible international folk dances to share

Miriam & Dick Miller (Middleton)
Sanna Longden (Evanston)
Patti Cohen (Winnipeg)

Fr BHP 10:30am 11:30am Singing in the Park: Singing folk songs and making puppets Miriam & Dick Miller (Middleton)
Sa BHP 10:30am 11:30am Playing in the Park: Creative games, painting rocks, and nature stories Miriam & Dick Miller (Middleton)

Through the years, the Festival has offered wide variety of activities, including story telling, face painting, puppet shows, crafts, singing and dancing, and a variety of group games, such as volleyball, tag, "spud", tree tag, and various relay races, "nature bingo", 500, touch football and of course, animal Olympics.  Over the years, the coordinators have learned that the participant's most favorite activities are rock painting, sand candle making, parachute games, volleyball and some basic folk songs and dances. 

The beautiful setting of Baileys Harbor Park is certainly a draw for "youth" of all ages to participate. 
On days when the weather is bad, indoor activities such as crafts, music and puppet shows will be conducted in the lower level of Baileys Harbor Town Hall.

The activities are geared to participants between the ages of 5 and 15, although there have been exceptions at both ends of the scale.  
Please also note that the activities may be modified or truncated due to adverse weather conditions. 
Please note (further) that there is no charge for these activities. 

If you are considering having your children participate, we would appreciate if you would contact the youth activities Coordinators by email:


The Youth Activities are provided by the DCFF, as a public service, free of charge.  Your children will enjoy interacting with new acquaintances and our good-natured, dynamic activity leaders. 

Please take note that the Youth Activities in Baileys Harbor Park are not a baby sitting service.   Your children can be involved in these activities with your permission and consent and their willingness and ability to participate and interact with others. 

If you are in need of a sitter, with advance notice, we will try to match you with a sitter.  There is limited availability so act sooner than later - Telephone: (847)-846-8139 or by email: .

The Door Peninsula, mid-America's favorite vacation area, is located in north east Wisconsin between Green Bay and Lake Michigan.  Door County, often alluded to as "the Cape Cod" of the Midwest, has something for everyone: sandy beaches, rocky shores, scenic trails & vistas, state parks, art galleries, music & theater, water sports, golf, unique shopping opportunities and a large selection of restaurants, including one with "goats on the roof". 

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