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Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser for the Work Scholar Fund
(We Welcome Donations of Digital Media in Need of a New Home)

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Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser

We’re delighted to announce a new fundraising activity that will allow Friends of the Festival to donate to the Work Scholar Fund in two ways!
  • The first phase of the Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser is an excellent way to help participants re-purpose gently used digital media (CDs and DVDs) containing ethnic folk dance material (music, videos, descriptions) in their collections
    • More and more of us are acquiring more and more folk dance CDs and DVDs that we’re no longer using. How can we reduce the clutter?
      • For some of us, our folk dance CDs/DVDs may be no longer in use and now are sitting on a shelf or in boxes collecting dust
      • For some of us, our folk dance CD/DVD collections are spilling over the tops of our CD/DVD players and/or speakers and may be taking up valuable shelf space or floor space
      • For some of us, we'd love to expand our collection but there just isn't room for another CD/ DVD in our home, office or studio
    • The Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser provides a means for donors to contribute to the Festival and to promote recycling/re-use within the International Folk Dance (IFD) community
  • The second phase of the Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser provides participants with opportunities to browse the Exchange and to select from previously owned material that they may not have
    • This second phase also allows participants to make a financial contribution to the DCFF Work Scholar Fund
Is there a way to make a direct donation to the DCFF Work Scholar Fund without participating in the Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser? How will the Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser Work?
  • Prior to or at the Festival, you donate your gently used Folk Dance CD’s, DVD’s (music, dance notes, videos) to DCFF
    • To donate materials to the DCFF Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser:
    • If you are planning to attend DCFF 2019, bring your donated materials with you to the Festival - OR
    • If you are unable to attend this year, give your donated materials to a friend who will be attending the Festival - OR
    • Mail (via USPS Media Rate - prior to June 30, 2019) your materials to be donated to:
      • DCFF - DMEF
      • P O Box 25548
      • Chicago, IL 60625
    • Thank you for your participation!!!
  • At the Festival, you will have the opportunity make a financial contribution to the DCFF Work Scholar Fund
    • All financial contributions received by the Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser will go to support the DCFF Work Scholar Fund
      • FYI: The Festival requires the equivalent of eight (8) Full-Time Work Scholars for the Festival's Administrative Staff
    • You will also have the opportunity to browse through and select from materials donated to the Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser
    • Thank you for your participation!!!


Like many other DCFF activities, the idea for the Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser originated with a suggestion from a participant. Taking this concept a step further the Festival planners have recognized the potential to broaden the scope of participation to include those who cannot attend the Festival in person.

What can I donate to the Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser?

  • Ethnic/Folk Dance and Music-related CDs and DVDs only produced for 2017 and prior years!!!
    • Media containing Ethnic Folk Dance Music, Folk Dance Notes/Descriptions/Syllabi, Folk Dance Videos
  • Check your shelves, your CD/DVD cases, boxes in closets, cabinets, attics, bookshelves, etc. for ethnic folk dance and music related CDs and DVDs that you no longer use
  • Do some "Spring Cleaning" and donate items that are still usable to the Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser
  • This Fundraiser is a way to help these items find a new life in a new home while contirbuting to the DCFF Work Scholar Fund
EXCLUSIONS: What types of media are NOT ACCEPTED into the Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser?
Items not accepted into the Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser include:
  • CDs and DVDs from workshops/dance instructors that were produced for 2018 and 2019
  • CDs and DVDs of bands/orchestras/dances that were produced for 2018 and 2019
  • Non-Digital Media - such as VHS tapes, Betamax tapes, Cassette Tapes, Reel-to-Reel Tapes, Records (33s, 45s, 78s, etc.)
  • Non-Ethnic/Folk Dance related media
  • Other Digital Media including: digital tape cassettes, mini-discs (MDs), etc.
We look forward to seeing you and your happy, dancing feet this summer at the 40th Annual DCFF - Wednesday-Sunday, July 10-14, 2019!!!!! Additional Information:
  • Click Here to View/Print a Digital Media Exchange/Fundraise PDF Document
  • For further informaition about the Digital Media Exchange/Fundraiser: DMEF Coordinator (Pedro): 920-904-6285,